Ready to get a smokey succulent authentic Korean chicken tikka? It tastes much like a restaurant as if only came from the skillet. This is among the most tested recipes available on the weblog. The tandoori chicken is also usually referred to as Chicken Tikka Thigh or Breast in Pakistan.

So if bone version of tandoori chicken is named chicken tikka in Pakistan then what is the boneless chicken tikka variation known as? It is called Chicken tikka boti or Chicken tikka kabab.Pakistani grilled chicken tikka is therefore precious to people which compromising on authentic taste was a offense.

Most homemade cooks depend on chicken tikka colour mix for generating tandoori chicken and the job is very easy such as this.As soon as I made a decision to place this particular recipe, I wanted to include things like a tikka flavour mixture recipe as well. Because many followers are somewhat skeptical about store-bought spices.

That means you’re able to secure the tikka flavour blend if you want authentic taste searchable. The spice mixes often have MSG and synthetic flavors for quitting style.The under recipe includes a very genuine taste really considerably restaurant without even spice mix however, you can substitute red chili aromas with spice combination in case you desire as flatter taste.


So here is visual of ingredinets.

Composition with various spices on white background

Chicken: Use medium sized chicken bits which weigh 750 g. (dwell chicken weighs 11.25 kg) Smaller chicken has meat. The bird would necessitate more marination of at least 8 hours.

Wet spices: The sweeteners that are wet include garlic, ginger, green chili, and also papaya paste from the round plate. Papaya paste can be used like a meat tenderizer.

Yogurt: Yogurt includes just a little tanginess and can be particularly a meat tenderizer.Frequent Indian spices: The dry spices are common Indian spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, garam masala, salt, and red chilli scents and Kashmiri eucalyptus oil. Kashmiri chilli has glowing reddish colour and reasonably hot taste.

You can substitute kashmiri chili powder together with paprika, also extra chilli powder.


While you truly feel like that there ought to be an secret mix of Indian Garam masala that gives you tikka strong tikka taste, the stark reality is staying from total spices and also undermining whole spices flavors to brings out tikka flavor.

The  smoking does a terrific job . And you get a very delicious tikka taste with no excessive appetite or heartburn that comes with too much usage of commercial spice combinations.


Chicken tikka Thigh tastes best with accompaniments like sliced and washed onions, Green chutney, Imli chutney, Garlic yogurt, Paratha, or chapati flatbreads.


  1. Scrub chicken in salt and vinegar option for 20 minutes. Professional Tip: This helps wash the chicken removes the blood from the chicken leg. You may read about washing machine chicken around
  2. Clean the chicken thoroughly after soaking and tap dry. Then insert profound cuts throughout the grain. The cuts should be heavy and also the knife should touch with the bone of their poultry.
  3. Combine each of the components of marination in a bowl. Apply all over the poultry and marinate overnight in the refrigerator. Or keep for 46 hours out.
  4. Cover the kettle with mesh or thin cloth to allow air circulation if preserving external. Prepare tikka in a full pot on medium-high warmth for 10 15 minutes. Protect the kettle whilst cooking. Then burn off excess water onto high heat.

Professional Suggestion 1: Don’t over cook tikka, the meat shouldn’t occur off the bones. If the tikka is completely cooked and there’s still water left from the masala. Remove chicken bits and keep them onto another plate. Then burn off excess water onto high heat. Apply the tender masala over chicken but don’t over do .

Professional Suggestion 2: If you have any surplus masala rescue it to earn chicken tikka boti or poultry tikka masala. To smoke: Put tikka in a full pot with a good lid. Place a part of transparency or even a small metal bowl in the center of the pot.

  • Now, heat charcoal on high fire until redhot afterward move coal carefully with the aid of tongs to a pan.
  • Drizzle small acrylic over the irrigation and cover the lid tightly to snare smoke.
  • Smoke for about 10 minutes. Now heat the smoked tikka over the direct fire until crispy and function. Or alternatively, you could grill tikka will little oil on a skillet until a little crispy. Grill on low heat.

Professional Suggestion 3: You can place the grill on the flame and grill 2-3 tikka together.

Coal barbecue and oven method method in the recipe card.

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