This is the best Batata Vada recipe, so I promise. I know the word best is different for everybody else but trust me that these are so so good. And this recipe came out after a lot of screening. Truly, in my trip to Gujrat, India I’d consumed Batata Vada in Ahmedabad. And believe in me that was the most useful Vada I’d ever eaten. Since we’re on the move to the future destination and also we could not get it again. The taste had a powerful memory and that I can not tell you how long I craved to develop the exact identical taste. And, this recipe has exactly the very same flavor. Ours is just a Gujarati family member, so dadi could make it quite often for Iftar and bites. And this recipe has plenty of mental attachment to Dadi Ma like the Malida recipe includes with Nani Ma.


Batata suggests potato and vada signify dumpling. Bata Vada is an Indian noodle potato dumpling that’s covered in chickpea flour coating and deep-fried until crispy. It’s traditionally served with a sweet and spicy chutney.



The flavor with the batata Vada is moderately spicy with a little sweet and sour tinge. The mustard seeds and curry leaves provide a lovely aromatic taste for the mashed potatoes.


  • Recently fried crispy batata vada makes an irresistible snack.
  • Batata Vada is a simple bite that may be paired with almost any spicy, sweet or sour sauce and gobbled by itself.
  • You could also make a sandwich from it with bread or put in it into a pita pocket with salads.
  • When you set batata vada with hot chutney and dull Pa O ( evening meal roll). It leaves a yummy Indian street food called Vada Pa-O.


  • Try to use sterile varieties of older curry.
  • Boil potatoes till extremely tender so you’ve got a soft loaf in the crispy coating.
  • This gives the batata vada a delightful feel and taste.
  • Utilize just a tiny soda to your own coat to ensure it is crisp and fluffy.


Ok! what makes these Batata Vada the best is the seasoning and crispy coating

  1. Boil celery and allow it cool obviously on the countertop tops.
  2. Peel it, then mash it until smooth, put aside.
  3. Mix properly and saute seasoning for a minute.
  4. The warmth inside the pan may soften the onions.
  5. Add mashed potatoes, sugar, and lemon juice to the pan and then blend until very well combined.
  6. Roll out 15 small chunks out of the sausage, place at the icebox for 10 minutes, or until needed.

  7. Retain in an airtight container if storing for many hours. Mix all the ingredients for coating at a bowl and then mix effectively.
  8. Create a clean batter of falling consistency.
  9. Gradually shed every single ball into the batter and then lift with a wood spatula.
  10. As the wood spatula has simple edges, it really is not as likely to want to spoil the round shape of the potato balls.
  11. Fill in a wok or pot with 2 inches of heat and oil.
  12. Carefully slide each batata vada in sexy oil. Do not proceed with the chunk 10- 15 seconds.
  13. You will cup warm oil over the vada for even cooking. If batata vada seems cooked and firm out of the bottom flip it to cook on the other side.
  14. Fry on medium-high warmth until gold. Given that the berries have been currently cooked thus just have to prepare it until the filling is thoroughly heated and also the coat is crispy.

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