Aloo Tikki is Indian Potato Cutlets, producing aloo Tikki is the easiest item if you own a recipe in hand. Why? Due to the steps are super simple the sole trick is receiving the right style and proper proportions to get that crispy texture without breaking up. Yes, these simple, innocent cutlets might get in your nerves if they crack while frying. But, not to worry, this particular recipe has been analyzed and I am additionally discussing all the suggestions to be sure it stays hassle-free.


Honestly, I should tell you how to never consume a whole lot of these! If a tea time snack; or a side dish along with curries; at a young child’s lunch box or within a sandwich; Aloo Tikki is therefore humble and pliable, they adjust in any supper. Traditionally they’re paired using green chutney or imli chutney. But Ketch-Up along with mayo-based sauces also tastes great with this Tikki. Aloo Tikki is popularly consumed in Pakistan using Bun (similar to dinner roll) and is named aloo bun kabab. It’s like a small burger but contains chutneys, cole slaw berries, and onions slices. And trust in me it tastes fantastic. Here, a recipe for bun kabab.


As aloo Tikki is commonly made in Indian cooking. It is made with many variations. Below is the list of ingredients and its substitute if needed.

  • Potato, Aka aloo
  • Onion (substitute with green onions)
  • Ginger and garlic (paste or powder both can be used)
  • Cumin and other Indian spices (any basic Indian curry powder can be used to bring a similar taste, but not the same)
  • Any binding agent like bread crumbs and any flour (oat flour, arrowroot powder, or gram flour)
  • Herbs (fresh coriander, dill, curry leaves, parsley)


  • Aloo Tikki can collapse apart to get just two rationales. Either an excessive amount of moisture in boiled curry or lack of any binding agent. Here are a few strategies to provide help. Insert additional bread wedges to soak excess moisture and this can also help roll up the Tikki.
  • Always fry on Tikki in hot oil onto the medium-high flame to ensure it is crisp and give a wide berth to breaking up of Tikki. If breaking stays dip every Tikki in an egg scrub prior to skillet.
  • You’re able to also coat Tikki with bread crumbs after dipping in egg wash. But then it is more like aloo K A kabab compared to aloo ki Tikki which is signature crispy Indian potato Cutlets. Testing: It’s almost always a good concept to check one particular Tikki by frying in oil until frying a heap of tikkis.


You can not suspend uncooked Tikki, are going to too moist upon defrosting, and also you simply can’t do anything is a jumble of potato. Freezing fried Tikki could be fine. But, honestly, all these really are quick and easy to make. Plus have been always gone quickly. I never experienced the opportunity to freeze. I recommend, storing it from the fridge for 48 hours in an airtight box instead of freezing.



  1. Perfect Tikki commences with chopped potatoes. You would like sausage to be absolutely tender (Test by inserting a knife in a boiling potato if the knife slips effortlessly such as in butter, potatoes are cooked).
  2. Eliminate sausage instantly out of the water and allow it to cool normally in a colander.
  3. Peel and mash potatoes. Set aside. Make tempering by the addition of all components of jelqing at a bowl.
  4. Mix very well and cook for 1 minute before it sizzles. Add the tempering and staying elements, which can be bread coriander, coriander, cornflour/cornstarch, talk masala, and lemon juice.
  5. Mix very well. Roll out 10 smaller Tikki from your prepared mixture. At this stage, maintain Tikki in the fridge for frightening for 10 moments. (Keep in the airtight box when storing for over half an hour.) Keeping under a buff to dry is likewise helpful.
  6. Fry Tikki in rather hot oil, so corrects the heat whilst frying as needed.
  7. Usually do not turn Tikki just right after inserting it. Allow it to get firm.
  8. You’ll pour the oil out of the sides but don’t irritate prior to the firm. Switch attentively after skillet 1 second.
  9. Fry in more compact batches allowing considerable room to reverse and Sti-R without any breaking up.
  10. Remove to a paper towel to absorb excess oil. Serve crispy Tikki using chutney and dinner rolls.

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