Aloo keema is a Pakistani and Indian traditional dish. . This dish is considered to be a healthy and balanced diet, with a combination of meat and potatoes in a dry gravy. Children, as well as adults, love aloo keema. This dish is easily available in the market. Beef mince and potatoes are the main ingredients to make aloo keema. It is easy to cook, which attracts everyone to make it for family and friends. The recipe for Aloo keema can be the perfect addition to your Eid and special dinner table. Its aroma is alluring and mouth-watering.

The recipe is pretty simple super easy if you make it at home. This recipe can be prepared for even guests if you have a home party. There is keema, onions, and basic Pakistani masala. Most people like beef keema, but some others eat chicken keema. The best thing about it is that it takes less time to cook and less cost.

Benefits of eating aloo keema

Some unbelievable benefits of eating aloo keema are given below

  1. a significant source of protein
  2. improves attention level
  3. enhances muscle growth
  4. prevents skin and hair problem
  5.  provides a source of vitamin and B16

 Ingredients needed to make Aloo Keema

½ kg crushed beef

  • 300 gm potatoes(small pieces)
  • One medium-size onion
  • six tsp oil
  • Two medium-size tomatoes
  • Six black peppers
  • Six cloves
  • six tsp cumin powder
  • Two pieces of green Mirchi
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • half tsp red chilli
  • half tsp garlic &ginger paste
  • one tsp coriander powder
  • half tsp garam Masala


Star ingredients to make aloo keema

Mutton or beef meat and Potatoes are the star ingredients to make aloo keema.

Step by step instructions to prepare aloo keema

  1. First of all, cut the onion and prepare in the mentioned quantity of oil till it becomes brown.
  2. Put all the masala and cut tomatoes
  3. Keep on medium flame until the water becomes dry.
  4. insert crushed beef meat.
  5. put two glasses of water, shelter them, and cook until meat is beat and water dries totally.
  6. put potatoes and roast again.
  7. Add masala powder
  8. Then add fresh coriander leaves, green Mirchi, ginger, and garlic cut into pieces.
  9. Cook for five minutes and serve it for 4 to 5 persons






You can serve aloo keema with naan or roti. Some people in India serve this dish with boiled rice.


Final verdict

That is it for this dish. I think I have delivered all the info and method to make aloo keema at home in this article. My only priority is to share the best and easy desi recipes with the world. For more recipes and info, keep yourself in touch with this site. If you further have any queries about this post or my blog, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I always warmly welcome my users to the comment section

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