General TSO Chicken

Instructions: -cut chicken into small cubes -At a bowl, then add salt, poultry,black pepper powder,soy sauce & Mix very well,pay & marinate for 15 minutes.


What is Keema Naan? Keema Naan is a dish that originated as the top-rated type of naan. if you read the stuff carefully, You don’t

Peshawri Naan

  Peshawari naan is a recipe that is very common in Pakistan and India. It is filled with almonds, coconut, butter, and sultanas in bread.


,Today, I am here with another Famous Desi Recipe, which is called “The Punjabi Diva”. This special Food is known as Nihari. What is Nihari? Nihari is


Aloo keema is a Pakistani and Indian traditional dish. . This dish is considered to be a healthy and balanced diet, with a combination of